Picture of Andrew McLellanI have taught/run a number of groups (but there are none planned in 2016). These are intended to educate attendees about how their thoughts and behaviours affect their emotions and aren't encounter groups ("I'm Chris and I'm angry").

The Anger Management Group is the longest standing of the courses and has been successfully run many times. The goal of the course is to teach you how to stop you making yourself angry. This is an eight week course of 90 minute sessions.

An incredibly valid course, giving the necessary tools and processes for understanding our anger, and some effective measures to cope with it and become happier individuals

Depression Group is for anyone with depression; this is a six week course over eight weeks – four consecutive weeks, then a gap of two weeks, then a gap of four weeks as you learn to put what you have learned into practice.

The Anxiety Group is for anyone with any form of anxiety, but especially social anxiety and worrying. If there is sufficient demand, this will get split into two different courses. This is currently an eight week course with a follow-up after three months.

The Assertiveness Training Group is a short course for people wanting to learn how to be more assertive. It is a four week course.