Online counselling

I am experimenting with offering online CBT counselling using Skype to provide video one-to-one sessions. I don't think counselling or therapy by email or text or messaging can be made to work - we need to be able to see each other. I have a fast broadband connection and you will need to have the same - any technical difficulties that result in less than a perfect video conferencing appearance render the whole process as worse than useless; the technology mustn't get in the way.

Online counselling isn't very different from face-to-face counselling, but there are a few points to consider. Since you will be at home or at the office, there is a greater possibility of interruption than if you are here, if there are other people around then there is the problem of them overhearing what is being said, and there will be occasional technical issues.

On the plus side, you don't have to travel here, which makes the process more flexible.

Payments and availability

Payments need to be by direct transfer and are the same as for one-to-one counselling and I am currently only available for afternoon sessions. See how to get started, and my availability.

If you'd like to see whether our technology is up to the job and you want a five minute test to check, mail me.

If you want to use another technology, try me, I was a techie in a former life.

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