Anger Management Group

The Anger Management Group is an eight week course of 90 minute sessions for up to eight people. The purpose of this course isn't to teach you to manage your anger once you have become angry, but to learn to control your thoughts and behaviours so that you stop being angry in the first place. The subjects each week are:

This is a course that has been run many times at Mind in Croydon and Mind in Kingston with high success rates. Apart from attending the course, you will be expected to do some homework each week – how motivated you are to do your homework is the best indicator of success at controlling your anger.

The course is open to anyone who wants to control their anger – you may need to satisfy someone else (a partner or a court), but you do need to be motivated to change. Past aggression toward others is not in itself a reason for refusing you entry.

The assessment/introduction is free of charge and each session is charged at £25.

Sorry! I don't have any plans in place at the moment to run this course again before the end of 2016.